Out Of Time

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    • Directed By: Carl Franklin
    • Written By: David Collard
    • Release Date: October 3, 2003
    • Domestic Distributor: MGM
    • Cast: Denzel Washington, Eva Mendes, Dean Cain

Box Office Info:
Budget: $50 million Financed by: MGM
Domestic Gross: $41,088,845 Overseas Gross: $14,406,718

out of time 2003
MGM acquired David Collard’s Out Of Time screenplay in October 2000 for low six-figures against mid six-figures.  The lion had just weathered a series of big budget box office disasters like Rollerball, Hart’s War andWindtalkers and their next slate of pictures were designed to cost under $20M.  Out Of Time and the bomb Bulletproof Monk were MGM’s two expensive tentpole movies in 2003.  The budget for Out Of Time was $50 million and it was MGM’s biggest investment in 2003, since they were a co-financier on the $52 million budgeted Bulletproof Monk.

MGM sold off distribution in most overseas markets, which limited their exposure to $20 million (plus domestic P&A costs).  Denzel Washington landed his first $20 million payday with Out Of Time, who chose this project so he could collaborate again with his Devil in a Blue Dress (1995) director Carl Franklin.  After Franklin directed the weepy drama One True Thing (1998), he wanted to gravitate toward lighter popcorn fare and helmed the commercial failure High Crimes (2002) and then Out Of Time tanked.  This was his last big screen picture and he has a successful career in television.

Out Of Time was dated for October 3, 2003 and it bowed against School Of Rock.  Reviews were lukewarm and the picture came in soft at $16,185,316 — placing #2 for the weekend led by School Of Rock.  Out Of Time was expected to have strong legs over the upcoming weeks, but it faded quickly and fell 46.9% the next weekend to $8,590,001 and followed that with a 53.4% tumble to $4,002,023.  The domestic run closed with $41,088,845.  MGM would see returned about $22.5 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not cover their P&A costs and leave their exposure to the budget in the red.

Out Of Time was a flop overseas, grossing just $14,406,718 across numerous distributors and with most markets pulling in less than one million.

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