The Affair Of The Necklace

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  • Directed By: Charles Shyer
  • Written By: John Sweet
  • Release Date: November 30, 2001
  • Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
  • Cast: Hilary Swank, Jonathan Pryce, Simon Baker

Box Office Info:
Budget: $30 million Financed by: Alcon Entertainment
Domestic Box Office: $471,210 Overseas Box Office: $726,903

The Affair Of The Necklace was financed by Alcon Entertainment and was the first film put into production under a five year and ten picture domestic distribution deal with Warner Bros.  Overseas sales to distributors were handled by Summit.  The Affair Of The Necklace was Alcon’s first larger budgeted production.  Hilary Swank chose this project as her first leading role after landing an Oscar for Boys Don’t Cry.

Warner Bros originally dated the period drama as counter-programming to Planet Of The Apes on July 27, but pushed the film back to November 30 for a limited release.  The Affair Of The Necklace was looked at as a prestige picture, but it was directed by generic rom-com specialist Charles Shyer and landed terrible reviews.  This stinker found itself in a commercial dead zone with little interest from arthouse auds.

WB booked it into 18 theaters and The Affair Of The Necklace pulled in $125,523 with a $6,973 per screen average.  It expanded to 40 locations the following weekend with diminishing returns at $88,846 and was quickly out of release with a mere $471,210. Alcon/WB saw success with their follow up project in 2002, Christopher Nolan’s remake of Insomnia, with Swank in a supporting role.

The Affair Of The Necklace was also dumped by almost every overseas distributor that acquired the film and it saw a very limited offshore run and cumed $726,903.  Charles Shyer’s next feature was back in his wheelhouse, Alfie (2004) which flopped and ended his studio career.

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