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  1. Huh. Clooney always maintained that the only film he made that didn’t at least break even (before The Perfect Storm) was the very excellent Out of Sight.

    I guess Hollywood profits really are “it’s who you ask…”

  2. Batman & Robin sold around 23.38 million tickets, which would equal $210.68 million at today’s average movie ticket price of $9.01. Movie tickets in 1997 cost an average of $4.59.

    • Batman & Robin is my favourite Batman movie, mainly due to the marketing. It really was everywhere, it was so exciting waiting for the movie.

  3. I always thought Batman & Robin cost $125 million. For once, Box Office Mojo actually UNDER reported the budget instead of over reporting it.

  4. I didn’t realize this movie flopped. I knew it was a critical disaster but I was under the impression it broke even despite that.

    Also, obligatory Bat-Credit Card joke.

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