Which Charmed Characters Are the Fans’ Favorites?

Charmed is among the few American fantasy drama television shows aired in the late 90s. The eight-season series was from the Spelling Television production company and was later recreated by the CW. The original Charmed had a handful of well-defined characters that fans could relate to and even fall in love with. Read on to learn more about which characters fans loved the most in Charmed.

Characters in Charmed That Fans Loved Most

Many fans, including Brad Kern, will agree that the original version of Charmed had more intriguing characters and an even more engaging storyline. If fans had to choose their best characters, the following stand a greater chance of getting on the list:


Phoebe’s character in Charmed is likable despite being the sister who always sits between good and evil. At one point in the show, Phoebe wonders whether she’s a good person. It makes most viewers deeply relate to her character. Her love for Cole and her approach towards career and magic makes her the most loved character in Charmed.


Caring and support are the two primary traits of Piper. She’s an integral character in the show and helps bridge the tension between Phoebe and Prue. Her role as a mother and a sister requires her to remain grounded and reasonable in all situations.

Throughout the series, Piper doesn’t let herself get consumed by worldly distractions, as her focus is ensuring her sisters are safe and well. Although the fans love her, they don’t like that Piper never seemed to appreciate her powers.


Cole’s character in Charmed was endearing and seductive to most viewers. The series starts as Cole fights for his true love with Phoebe while maneuvering his life responsibilities. He won the hearts of many viewers as they rooted for him and Phoebe to work while struggling between his good and evil side.

Despite his charm, Cole isn’t on the sister’s side and does bad things throughout the show. Even worse, he justifies these actions with his love for Phoebe.


Leo is the opposite of Cole and a fan favorite to most. He’s tasked with guiding the Haillwell sisters on their journey to discover their destinies. Leo plays a main role on the show as Piper’s husband, providing the sisters with pep talks and wise words.

There is no doubt that Leo was a family man, but he made several bad decisions in the show that leaves you thinking otherwise. There is some struggle between his responsibilities as a father and a whitelighter which makes him more human.


After Prue’s death, Paige joined the television series as a witch. She gradually secured her position in Charmed, and it didn’t take long before she became a fan favorite. Some traits that made many viewers relate to her character were her single-mindedness and inconsistent personality.

Most fans gravitated towards Charmed because of its strong, funny, relatable characters. These characters brought life into the storyline and shared some critical life lessons you can use today.

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