What To Know About Tunedly In And Cryptocurrency Tunecoin In Terms Of Artists

The rise to fame and descent into irrelevance can happen quickly in the music industry. Capitalizing and staying relevant can be challenging for new and even established artists. Social media is full of aspiring artists trying to make it big or build a personal brand. Artists have risen to fame on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. The competition on these platforms can be unfair due to artists’ marketing budgets which can vary wildly. 

Tunedly can help by showcasing artists that haven’t signed with labels to expose their music to new listeners. A great song or artist will stay unknown without the proper exposure of their talents. A single listen to a song can result in a new favorite for someone that streams daily. Mainstream artists will also be included on Tunedly so a song could be sandwiched between to top hits. 

The major curveball is that the app does not show information about artists. The platform helps equalize unsigned and signed artists with listeners simply having to decide if they enjoy a song. Other platforms can have skewed plays due to likes and listeners might change their opinion if they find a song is massively popular. 

With Spirit Music Group as a partner, the most popular artists will realize their dream of being signed. The vetting process is done by listeners without opinions on a group or genre of music is important. Unfiltered opinions without the look of the artists or any identifying information make Tunedly an immensely important platform for artists. 

Listeners can benefit by receiving TunedCoin which is a cryptocurrency geared towards Tunedly users. The coin can be used to unlock various features that Tunedly offers which are seemingly endless. Earning coins can be done as easily as listening to songs on the Tunedly Music Discovery App. NFTs are developed for specific songs for the users of Tunedly. 

Other rewards can be the ability to hear songs before officially released. Users of Tunedly can even be invited to events with their favorite artists. Listeners also are able to vote once daily for a song of an artist they believe should be signed to Spirit Music Group. 

The disruptive nature of Tunedly and TunedCoin will shape the music industry well into the future. The power is back in the hands of consumers along with indepentent artists. The ability to eliminate bias for listeners can reveal true opinions about the music that a particular artist produces. The feedback can also be immensely important for artists as they might be able to shape their music in ways that generate more likes on Tunedly. The power is going to go back to listeners rather than other streaming services that are paid by particular artists to play songs time after time. 

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