There are a number of TV shows and movies that every aspiring kratom entrepreneur must watch. These include The Pursuit of Happiness, Shark Tank, Any Given Sunday, and The Wolf of Wall Street. These shows will help you develop the entrepreneurial mindset while giving you the confidence to pursue your goals. Get inspired enough to finally find a group of individuals who want to buy kratom from your business.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness is based on a true story about an entrepreneur named Chris Gardner who was a stockbroker who struggled with poverty and unemployment. The movie, which received an Oscar nomination for Will Smith’s performance, is an inspirational tale of how a man can overcome seemingly impossible circumstances in order to pursue his dreams. If you’re an entrepreneur at any stage of your journey, “The Pursuit of Happyness” is a must-watch.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is a cautionary tale for entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of conviction and risk-taking. In the movie, a young stockbroker named Bud Fox idolizes a legendary investor, Gordon Gekko, and finds himself entangled in the world of insider trading and penny stock trading. Although the film contains vulgarities and profanities, the story is well worth the three-hour runtime.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, this film is a must-watch. It shows the ins and outs of the stock market, and it’s a fascinating inside look at the shady world of Wall Street. Watching this movie will provide you with a new perspective on the world of entrepreneurship.

Shark Tank

“Shark Tank” is an award-winning and critically acclaimed TV show that aims to inspire entrepreneurs. The show features multimillionaires and self-made entrepreneurs who compete for the chance to receive investment. It is also an entertaining way to learn about the business world. The sharks on the show are self-made multimillionaires who make decisions about whether or not to invest in aspiring entrepreneurs. Another show featuring self-made millionaires is “The New Celebrity Apprentice,” a reality competition series hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The show shows the weird and bizarre workplace environment.

Another TV show you should watch is “Shark Tank.” This American version of Dragons’ Den follows five entrepreneurs who pitch their business ideas to a panel of five investors. The panel members are business tycoons and entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Also featured are Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary, the co-founder of Softkey Software Products.

Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday is a 1999 movie directed by Oliver Stone. The movie is an epic, three-hour story about professional football. It’s an oddly beautiful film, despite Stone’s esoteric approach to the subject. However, it’s not without its flaws. While the story is entertaining, the ending is confusing and leaves us wondering what exactly the director intended.

Despite its odd structure, Any Given Sunday is an important movie to watch. The story focuses on the egos of professional football players. In contrast to the baseball-centric For Love of the Game, Any Given Sunday explores the fear of life after sports.

The Last Dance

If you love sports, you’ve probably seen “The Last Dance,” a Netflix documentary about Michael Jordan’s final championship season. This sports film was a surprise hit this spring, filling the sports void left by ESPN’s lack of basketball content. It also features the careers of Jordan’s teammates, rivals, and head coach Phil Jackson.

You’ll also love the sports documentary series “30 for 30.” The public’s obsession with champions won’t go away anytime soon, and this film captures that fascination. It’s also available on Netflix and ESPN+. If you’re looking for other sports documentaries, try 30 for 30 or Hard Knocks.

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