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Shattered 2022

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Title: Shattered (II) (2022)
Directed By: Luis Prieto
Written By: David Lougher
Release Date: January 14,2022
Domestic Distributor: Lionsgate
Cast: Cameron Monaghan, Sasha Luss, Ridley Asha Bateman, Lilly Krug
Rated: R
Genre: Thriller 

Box Office Information

  • Budget: $ 1,000,000
  • Financed by: Construction Film
  • Domestic Box Office Gross: $425,457

Official Trailer


Chris, a solitary tech millionaire, falls in love with the attractive and provocative Sky.

When he is injured by a street punk, she tends to his wounds.

Sky’s strange behavior, coupled with the suspicious death of her roommate, leads Chris to suspect that she is up to no good.

And he is proven correct when his ex and their child are kidnapped and held for a ransom of one billion dollars (that’s factoring in for 2022 inflation; the original demand is for ten dollars and a six pack of Coors.)

The police cannot be notified, of course; otherwise the kidnappers will brutally torture his ex wife and child by getting them a guest shot on Oprah.

So Chris rounds up a team of eccentric outcasts to take out the kidnappers. Or does he? Honestly, all these movies start to look alike after a while. But if he HAD put together a team of outlandish misfits, they’d be something like this:

Uncle Felbish. Old and bent and crotchety. But he has one talent that makes him invaluable for either a heist picture or a rescue picture – he can project his old man smell at will, disabling the most fearsome gangsters, mercenaries, and soldiers. One whiff of his Old Grave aftershave will eliminate a whole battalion of baddies.

Peter the Punk. Knows all about computers and types so fast on his keyboard that it sounds like castanets. He’s socially awkward, snarky, and wears old black greasy clothes that haven’t seen a washer since the Obama administration. He’s secretly in love with the next character . . . 

Holly Highbinder.  Perky. Is always getting her clothes ripped off by bad guys. Is in the movie primarily for advertising revenue – she flaunts name brand makeup, clothes, shoes, and drinks nothing but a name brand beer in green bottles. 

Mrs. Token.  She’s the wise, philosophical, polyglot token female Asian Black Native American Hispanic, Polynesian member of the team. She doesn’t do much except say things like “No fish likes to fail in front of the barnacles.”  Mercifully, she dies early on in the movie but is featured extensively in the outtakes during the credits at the end of the film.

The movie ends with Chris hooking up with his ex again, as their child cavorts in a pile of money in Scrooge McDuck’s vault. 

Put on hold

The dismal box office numbers on this episode of cinema syncope are due to, among other things, the fact that audiences feel like they’ve been put on hold with some cosmic customer service. Things begin, and then there is a pause. A long pause. A very long pause, while some other piece of plotline is exhumed from some rewrite graveyard to be trotted out and aired to keep it from fermenting.

Cameron Miley Monoghan

The part of Chris is played by Cameron Miley Monoghan. He hasn’t learned to be an actor yet. He’s been a model since the age of three, and, boy, can he pose! But act? Not quite yet. He has good looks and can strike a pose with the best of them, but his acting chops are weak.

He would do well to follow the example of Marilyn Monroe, who found herself cast as the brainless pinup girl in a dozen movies before realizing there was more to movie acting than flouncing her dress. She took time off from Hollywood to study method acting with Lee Strassburg in Hollywood, and her studies paid off. Her last half dozen movies prior to her death at the age of 36 in 1962 were much more nuanced and heartfelt. Hollywood is filled with pretty faces and fabulous bodies – but an actor who can really get beneath a part and bring out something nobody else sees, including the writers and director, is a rarity indeed.

Box Office Numbers

With a production budget of $1,000,000 , a worldwide box office percent 42.5% for the production budget, Shattered took $425,457 at the Worldwide box office.

Shattered played to 4092 theaters and few numbers were published for domestic box office on any weekend.

Having ranked 9th in its opening weekend, Shattered has limited information published domestically. The most published information is that it has a run of 6 weeks internationally

Shattered  was released to a total of 24 countries internationally, with the main markets being Russia/CIS with a lifetime gross of $324,334, Ukraine, with a lifetime gross of $54,266, and South Africa, lifetime gross of $30,089.

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