Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party Duck Hunting Trip

Do you have a friend or a family member who’s a groom-to-be? Would you like to plan the ultimate bachelor party for him? And does he happen to love duck hunting?


If the answer to all of those questions is yes, how does a combo duck hunting trip and bachelor party sound? After all, as the groom enjoys gorgeous surroundings and time spent with some of his favorite people, he’ll be having the bachelor trip of a lifetime!


But how would you plan such an event? Well, here are the basic steps to follow:


1. Talk to the Groom


To begin, sit down with the lucky fellow about six months before the trip. You two could put together a guest list and a list of activity ideas.


You’ll also want to select an excellent location. A perfect example would be Mallard Limit in Byhalia, Miss. It offers attentive customer service, delicious dinners, comfortable accommodations, thousands of healthy ducks, and hundreds of acres of unspoiled natural beauty. Yes, there are stunning vistas of lakes and cypress trees as far as the eye can see.


2. Draw Up a Budget


Next, figure out your approximate budget. Remember that bachelor party guests typically pay their own expenses, and the group divides up the guest of honor’s expenses as well.


It would help to send out a group email asking what everyone’s willing to pay. You could then adjust your overall budget accordingly.


3. Plan Your Schedule


Now it’s time to assemble a basic itinerary for the hunting trip.


First, choose the dates. Generally speaking, a bachelor party takes place about two months before a wedding.


Next, consider these questions:


  • At what time will everyone arrive?
  • What are your mealtimes?
  • How many days will you go duck hunting, and at what times?
  • What other local activities, if any, will your group embark upon: a bar crawl, golf outing, whitewater rafting excursion, or something else?


4. Make Your Reservations


Then, one to three months before the big bash, make all necessary reservations.


If you’re arranging transportation or lodging for any of the guests, this is the time to do so. Likewise, reserve tables at any exclusive restaurants you’ll be visiting. Of course, you should book your hunting times as well.


Additionally, check in with your guests to confirm their attendance, share your itinerary, and make sure they have the required licensing to hunt ducks legally. If they don’t, you might offer them some assistance as far as securing that paperwork.


5. Get Yourself Prepared


Finally, two weeks or so ahead of time, start getting in shape for the trip. You’ll want to impress all the guys with your hunting prowess!


Test your duck call, repair your decoys (or buy new ones), wash your camo clothes, and clean your shotgun. Plus, if you think you might be a little rusty, it wouldn’t hurt to visit the local shooting range.


With all of that accomplished, it’s time to pack your bags and get excited. And, once you and your buddies have cherished laughs, beers, and the great outdoors together, the memories will surely last forever.

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