How To Choose A Debt Defense Lawyer

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Being involved in a debt lawsuit can be a stressful experience. That doesn’t mean it needs to be as overwhelming as you might assume. By hiring the right debt defense lawyer, you can navigate these circumstances with greater peace of mind.


The following suggestions will help. If you require the services of a debt defense attorney, follow these tips to find one best-suited to serve you:

Find Lawyers in Your Area

There are various ways to find debt defense lawyers in your region. Options to consider include:


  • Asking friends, family, and work colleagues if they know any reputable debt defense attorneys
  • Conducting an online search for debt defense lawyers in or near your closest major city, your county, etc.
  • Contacting your state bar association and asking for names of lawyers nearby


Taking these initial steps will help you come up with a list of attorneys. The following steps will help you narrow that list down.

Review the Debt Defense Services They Offer

Debt defense is a general term for a range of services an attorney may offer. Examples include:


  • Medical debt defense
  • General debt lawsuit defense
  • Student loan defense and relief
  • Bankruptcy debt relief
  • Judgment relief


Before choosing a debt defense attorney, confirm they offer the specific services you need.

Meet With a Lawyer

Meeting with an attorney before deciding to hire them serves a range of purposes. First, it gives you the opportunity to ask a lawyer any questions you may have. For example, although a lawyer can’t violate attorney-client privilege by speaking in too much detail about past cases without first getting permission from their clients, you may ask a lawyer to generally describe their experience handling cases like yours. Doing so may help you feel more confident in a lawyer’s ability to represent you.


Consulting with an attorney also gives both you and a lawyer the chance to determine how comfortable you feel working together. Although you shouldn’t reject a qualified and experienced attorney simply based on a gut feeling, you should hire a lawyer you feel reasonably comfortable speaking to.


Most reputable debt defense attorneys offer free consultations. You’re not taking any financial risk by meeting with one before deciding to hire them.

Research Their Reputation

During your initial consultation with a lawyer, you can ask if they have any testimonials from former clients. A genuinely qualified attorney may eagerly share reviews from past clients who benefited from their services.


However, it’s also wise to conduct independent research to ensure a lawyer isn’t cherry-picking positive testimonials and conveniently ignoring any negative feedback they’ve received from clients in the past. Check resources such as Avvo and Google business reviews to learn more about an attorney’s reputation among those they’ve served.

Ask About Fees

Hiring the right debt defense lawyer can play a very significant role in your long-term finances. While you might feel you can save money now by hiring the most budget-friendly lawyer you find, in the long run, shopping for a bargain might not work in your favor if the lawyer you hire doesn’t provide quality service.


That said, accounting for such practical factors as your budget is always important when hiring any type of attorney. Before you decide to hire a lawyer, ensure you thoroughly understand their fees.

Choosing a Debt Defense Attorney: The Importance of Honesty

Again, if you’re involved in a debt lawsuit, it’s entirely understandable that you might be experiencing high levels of stress. You may also feel some degree of embarrassment.


Don’t let these feelings impact your judgment. Many people have found themselves in situations just like yours. There’s no need to feel embarrassed, nor is there any reason to let these feelings prevent you from being totally honest with a lawyer when consulting with them.


On the contrary, as you reach out to debt defense attorneys to explain your case, being as honest and accurate as possible is essential. The more information your attorney has, the better-equipped they will be to serve you. These suggestions will simply help you identify the right lawyer for your case.


Based in San Antonio, Texas, Debt Legal Defense serves clients throughout the Greater San Antonio Region.


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