2020 Box Office Flops

Movies will be added throughout the year

Pending: Dolittle | Underwater


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  1. Good News: Wonder Woman 1984 and Peter Rabbit 2: the Runaway join the August 2020 movie lineup

    Bad News: Scoobs and Minions: the Rise of Gru got Postponed

  2. Even otherwise, there is so much to do:
    1. Finish the writeups (7 between last year and this year)
    2. Do the “X was released Y years ago” tweets
    3. Reformat the pages between 2001 and 2013 to match the format of the pages for the remaining years

  3. Well expect a lot of movies to be added.

    How many movies that were expected to do well will be added since theaters are getting shut down and people are being told to stay in their homes and not to leave due to the virus.

    If theaters are not open people can not see the movies and they will not make much if any money.

  4. Look like The Hunt is cursed!!! Pulled due to school shootings, they finally put out in the mist of the cronovirus outbreak to $5.3 million over a $14 million budget!!!

  5. Bloodshot, Onward, and The Way Back are about to end up on here due to underperforming as well as less people coming to the theater due to the coronavirus. The Call of the Wild will show up on here too.

  6. Birds of Prey is a Flop and will lose money; question is how much?

    budget : $82 mil. (WB source) actual budget: 100$ mil (outside WB sources)

    domestic BO (aot) : $83,1mil international BO: 114$ mil

    how much money does WB gets from it ?

    we can go with very optimistic 60% domestic split & 40 % from international and result is : 49,86 + 45,6 = 95.46 $ mil

    or we can go with more realistic 55% domestic split & 35 % from international
    and result is : 45,7 + 39,9= 85.6$ mil

    anyway it is clear that money earned on box office will cover budget that is in range of 82-100mil

    so we are left with full P&A budget in the red

    and how much was P&A exactly ???

    again there is no clear source but for major comic book movie it had to be in range of budget 80-100mil and that can not be covered by BR & Digital sales

    on flip side we can be little more positive: it was clear that the first part of marketing campaign was very strong (expensive ) but couple weeks before release BOP marketing has been scaled down …. exactly at the time when first realistic projections came in & ticket presales were dead in the water…
    maybe WB decided not to spend any more(the last 20-30mil of P&A budget) on this flop…..and limit P&A on 60mil (educated guess)

    so Birds of Prey after end of theater run (will get couple mil.$ more,but just couple) will be in red anywhere between 60- 100 mil.$

    scale of BOP disaster is the best seen when compered to other WB DC Extended Universe movies :

    MOS 667m, BvsS 873m , SS 746m, WW 821m, JL 655m, AQM 1146m, SHM 363m , ……………… BOP 202 m………………..

    • the P&A will be covered by disk sales, streaming sales and the like. Suicide Squad made atleast 82 million from disk sales only so that is a good reference point to start.


  8. Does anyone have a P&A estimate on Birds of Prey?

    Its budget is (officially) $82 mil, and it’s global take seems to be settling at a little over $180 mil (~$80 domestic, ~$100 international).

    Its P&A will determine whether or not it’s a true bomb or just a flop (that made a little bit of money).

  9. If we ever get a 1996 page, what will the first film to be posted be?

    Mars Attacks! seems likely with a $101 million gross vs. $80 million budget before P&A. “After theaters take their cut”, probably looking at about a $40 million loss.

    Mary Reilly is a perhaps less well known but more spectacular disaster, with Julia Roberts and John Malkovich embarrassing themselves (although Malkovich not quite so much as he would 2 years later in Rounders). $12 million worldwide gross vs. a $47 million budget probably leaves this one LOSING MORE MONEY THAN IT COST TO MAKE, if you factor P&A in.

  10. The Rhythm Section is breaking records, it dethroned Hoot for the worst opening in 3,000 theaters, and now it dethroned The Darkest Minds for the biggest theater drop of all time.
    Due to it making flop history, I think it’s safe to say The Rhythm Section is a flop.

  11. Get ready for Disney’s The Call Of The Wild! 109 million dollar budget, a week after Sonic The Hedgehog, 2 weeks before Onward, and a 14 million opening weekend is expected!


    • “Call of the Wild” stars Harrison Ford and a CGI dog – *sigh*. Don’t these fools ever learn? “Cats” and “Dolittle” were bombs featuring CGI animals and this turkey is set to join them! And I wonder if Disney is regretting buying Fox…

      • I would love for them to regret buying Fox. Maybe the buyer of Fox should have been Verizon instead, or Nexstar, one of those companies, or maybe Charter Communications.

    • Well, you better believe it.
      With a WW boxoffice of already 111M, unreleased in Japan, Russia and China and a budget of 85M it’s going to make a lot of money for Paramount.
      Giving that studio a little breathing space after a lot of financial trouble with their previous movies in the previous years.
      Usually 2 or three movies by Paramount save the loss of their other movies yearly.
      This year I was expecting only a quiet place and Topgun to generate cover but with the succes of Sonic it’s going to be a good year for them.

      By the way, Sonic is going to end up with 320M WW having no competition at all for the coming 2 weeks in the US and WW.

    • p.s. Birds of Prey will also not end up here.
      But will make much less money than expected.
      What do you expect. If you make a movie with only women in the lead, the only way a lot of men are going to see it, is if it includes a lot of t*ts and *ss.

      • I mean that’s not true plenty of female lead or centric movies even action movies make money its just birds of prey has tons of missed opportunities. One should’ve been tittle just Harley Quinn since it’s basically her movie the birds of prey are at best side characters. Two it’s marketing strategy was trash seriously I know it was just a first look tester but the first thing they released looked like a fucking perfume ad. Third the actors really need to learn to shut the fuck up and just smile and wave to the cameras seriously between Ewen and Margot you’d have thought this movie was going to be the magnum opus of some extreme femanazi, and yes it does have a girl power message and some parts are cringe inducing men bad trite, but really it’s just a mindless popcorn action flick with decent effects.

      • Birds of Prey is listed at 235-250M as the break-even point.

        Do you really think it’s going to make another 60-75 million dollars?

        The movie is a bomb.

        • Depends on how long it stays in theaters it’s possible but I wouldn’t be surprised if it just barely broke even. Point is I’m sure WB will now be way more hesitant to take risks on obscure characters/teams for title roles.

        • Box Office Pro has it listed at 235, but some are estimating as high as 300. 235-250 is a realistic range.

  12. In what may be an even bigger shocker than Bad Boys for Life’s success, Sonic the Hedgehog is actually getting decent-to-good reviews.

    Will it be enough to push it into the black?

    IMDb has a budget of $85mm while Wikipedia puts it between $81-$95mm. Both of those seem quite low to me considering the complete reworking of the Sonic CGI since last year.

    However, early reports are saying opening weekend will be $50mm+. Has to be seen as a huge win for Paramount considering the absolutely toxic buzz this was receiving a year ago.

  13. Well you not gonna like this Universal/Will Packer The Photograph will be the next film to flop at box office this Valentine day weekend

    • How about Disney’s Downhill instead!!! They ought to renamed it “Forced Manure”, after being disliked at Sundance!!!

      • Yeah that probably flopped more than the photograph (which has a 14m weekend on a budget of 16m – and not going to be added to this site)

  14. Soo~….

    BIrds of Prey…

    Any guesses to its break-even point? And does this mess have any hope at reaching it with a ~$33 mil opening weekend?

    • I read that the breakeven point is somewhere around 235 million.

      But based on the current performance, this will be lucky to make it to $200 million worldwide.

    • I demand birds of prey be added to this site now. That and like a boss, black Christmas, and heck why not… add 1917 and jumanji! I am, after all, the lord of bombs!

    • I saw this one coming…

      Harley Quinn has always been one of the more compelling female villains, but her story has always been intertwined with her tragic relationship to the Joker.
      There’s just not enough meat on the bone to drive interest in a standalone movie, and with just enough “Charlie’s Angels” female empowerment vibes given off in the trailers (fairly or not), I’m not surprised 18-35 year old men are waiting to rent.

      • Not to mention obi-wan kanobi running his mouth about how feminist it is to make up for cheating on his wife with the help. Cause nothing is worse than celebs getting mouthy politically to make up for acting like the insecure man children they all really are.

      • Thanks for the shout out, but seriously don’t let anonymous comments get you down. I learned that the hard way through the YouTube trolls.

        I don’t know really what’s going on, but I’ll say that you did nothing but suggest some bombs to be added and it wasn’t in a malicious attempt.

        Also, huge props to the owner of this *FREE* website that we know and love for adding and updating it.

        In short.. chill, people


        • That’s not really helpful. You sound demanding, bossy, and pushy. It’s off putting. Maybe word your comments better. The site owner is doing just fine on his own. It may pop up here soon.

        • @Charles HELLO, I was just being suggestive and saying he can add Like A Boss. I wasn’t saying “ADD LIKE A BOSS NOW.” As you people demonstrate it to be. People like you, Lisa, I Need An Asprin, and Moira can burn in f* *king hell for treating me like garbage while I’m doing nothing wrong to the guy. You 4 probably live in your mother’s basements and only like Marvel Movies and watch f**king Jake Paul on Youtube. Cuz y’all just kids. KIDS.

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