Elevate Your Style: Tips for Picking Jewelry for Every Look

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Accessorizing can be the key to elevating an outfit from good to great. In fact, in a survey conducted by MVI Marketing, compiled from responses of 25,000 consumers worldwide, 95% agreed that jewelry enhances one’s appearance. Specifically, when it comes to diamond jewelry types, knowing how to select and coordinate these with your wardrobe can often be challenging. To help you navigate through this dilemma, here are some key tips to consider.

Understand Your Personal Style

Venturing into the world of beautiful accessories starts with understanding your unique style. Keep in mind that although certain jewelry items may be trending, they might not necessarily work well with your wardrobe or your liking. Pay attention to the clothes in your closet, notice any recurring themes or colors. Identify the styles that you gravitate towards—whether they are boho chic, modern minimalist, or vintage-inspired. Once you have a good understanding of your personal style, it is easier to choose jewelry pieces that complement it effectively.

Evaluate Your Wardrobe

The colors and types of clothes in your wardrobe play a significant role in influencing the kind of jewelry you should invest in. For instance, a wardrobe filled with neutral colors like black or white can benefit from bold, colorful statement pieces that add a pop of color. If patterns and prints dominate your clothing selection, sleek and simple jewelry will work best. Evaluating your wardrobe provides a helpful guide on what pieces of jewelry are necessary for complementing your outfits.

Jewelry for Casual Looks

On casual days, when jeans and t-shirts rule your outfit choice, keep the jewelry simple yet stylish. Opt for small geometric pieces or layered necklaces which are not too overbearing. Alternatively, a pair of hoops or studs could give your whole look a chic vibe. You can also match your rings or bracelets with the color of your shoes or bags for an effortlessly coordinated outfit.

Jewelry for Work

In a professional setting, less is usually more. Delicate pieces such as thin chain necklaces, small pendants, stud earrings and simple bangles project a balance of style and sophistication. Opt for metals like gold, silver or rose gold which offer a touch of elegance without drawing attention away from your productivity. However, avoid noisy jewelry items that may cause distractions.

Jewelry for Evenings Out

For an evening out or formal event, consider statement jewelry. Dazzling necklaces or large earrings can boost your elegant evening wear’s glamour quotient. Such accessories usually center the attention on the richness of the outfit and its details. You may want to avoid mixing overpowering pieces together; let just one show-stealing accessory lead.

Mix Metals Correctly

Gone are the days when gold had to be paired with gold and silver with silver. Currently, fashion experts encourage mixing metals when accessorizing as it adds depth and interest to your ensemble. Try pairing rose gold with silver or yellow gold with white gold. Nevertheless, ensure the combination does not clash more than it complements.

Pair Jewelry with Makeup

Just like clothes and jewelry should harmonize, the same goes for your makeup. For example, if your earrings are large and elaborate, consider going for a subtle or nude lip color so as not to pull focus from your beautiful jewelry pieces. On the other hand, if you are wearing minimalistic jewelry, you can play up the drama in your makeup.

Choosing Stones

This involves more than just your favorite color. Different stones have different connotations and energies. Birthstones are seen as personal and thoughtful, while diamonds are a classic choice that expresses luxury. Semi-precious stones like topaz, citrine, and amethyst can add a touch of color to your look, while pearls exude an air of timeless elegance.

Jewelry Maintenance

Proper maintenance extends the lifespan of your pieces and ensures they always look their best. Some precious metals and stones require specific cleaning techniques, so it is important to know these to avoid causing any damage. Storing them correctly is also essential in preventing scratches or other damage.

Quality over Quantity

When purchasing jewelry, prioritize quality over quantity. A high-quality piece can last a lifetime and often looks better with time. Though they might cost a bit more initially, the longevity and enduring style they offer reconvey true value for money.


The path towards becoming a pro at accessorizing lies in experimenting with different styles until you find what suits you best. Do not shy away from trying out bold pieces or mixing and matching items creatively. Inspiration can come from unexpected places.

Know Your Body Type

Your body type can influence how certain pieces look on you. Long necklaces make petite persons look taller, large earrings flatter round faces best as they elongate the face, while delicate pieces work well for plus size individuals as they create balance.

Ask for Second Opinions

If unsure on whether a piece of jewelry works with a particular outfit or not, ask for second opinions from friends or family members. Sometimes, others can provide fresh perspectives that help you improve your jewelry choosing skills.

The Final Wrap

Remember, the most important tip in choosing jewelry is to stay true to your personal style. Your accessories should enhance your natural beauty and reflect who you are. With these tips, you are well on your way to picking out the perfect jewelry for every look and elevating your style game.

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