Genre(s): Western | Action Directed By: Gore Verbinski Written By: Justin Haythe, Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio Release Date: July 3, 2013 Domestic Distributor: Disney Cast: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, William Fichtner Box Office Info: Budget: $250 million (estimated) Financed by: Disney Domestic Gross: $89,302,115 Overseas Gross: $171,200,000 The Lone Ranger was set to go before the cameras in […] More

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  • The 8 Movies That Died At The 4th of July Box Office

    The Fourth Of July frame sees usually two types of releases — the studio’s most expensive tent-poles and the less fortunate movies positioned as counter-programming. Here are the 8 movies that died at the 4th of July box office over the past two decades. Budget: $250 million Financed By: Disney Domestic Gross: $89,302,115 Overseas Gross: $171,200,000   […] More

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  • 26 Cancelled Movie Franchises

    As it looks like it’s the end of the line for the Blade Runner franchise, here are 26 other cancelled franchises. Battlefield Earth Battlefield Earth 2?  In a perfect world it would exist.  Instead we’re stuck with austerity, war, nightmare weather and no Battlefield Earth 2.  Read More ➡ Battleship A movie that basically took […] More

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    Genre(s): Horror Directed By: Gore Verbinski Written By: Justin Haythe Release Date: February 17, 2017 Domestic Distributor: FOX Cast: Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth Box Office Info: Budget: $38 million Financed by: New Regency; German Federal Film Fund; MDM; Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Domestic Gross: $8,106,986 Overseas Gross: $18,513,016 Fresh off of helming one of the biggest box […] More

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  • Blu-Ray Release Calendar

    Blu-Ray Release Calendar March 28, 2017 A Monster Calls (2016), Patriots Day (2016) February 28, 2017 Allied (2016), Rules Don’t Apply (2016) February 21, 2017 Bad Santa 2 (2016), Nocturnal Animals (2016) January 31, 2017 Masterminds (2016) January 17, 2017 Ali (2000), Keeping Up With The Joneses (2016), Stanley & Iris (1990) January 9, 2017 […] More

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  • 20 Biggest Movie Bombs of the Decade (2005-2015)

    In alphabetical order… Universal and Elliot Inc.’s $175 million budgeted samurai film took a $175 million write down, losing all but the marketing spend for one of the biggest flops not only of 2013, but of all time.  47 Ronin was a troubled production that was originally scheduled for release on November 21, 2012 but […] More

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    Genre(s): Animation | Action Directed By: Hoyt Yeatman Written By: Cormac Wibberley, Marianne Wibberley Release Date: July 24, 2009 Domestic Distributor: Disney Cast: Bill Nighy, Will Arnett, Zach Galifianakis Box Office Info: Budget: $175 million Financed by: Disney Domestic Gross: $119,436,770 Overseas Gross: $173,381,071 Oscar winning VFX veteran Hoyt Yeatman, launched a production company Whamaphram Productions and in […] More

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    Genre(s): Fantasy Directed By: Jon Turteltaub Written By: Matt Lopez, Doug Miro, Carlo Bernard Release Date: July 14, 2010 Domestic Distributor: Disney Cast: Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel, Alfred Molina Box Office Info: Budget: $150 million Financed by: Disney Domestic Gross: $63,150,991 Overseas Gross: $152,132,751 Hoping to spark another success from producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Jon Turteltaub and Nicolas Cage, […] More

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    Genre(s): Action | Adventure Directed By: Mike Newell Written By: Boaz Yakin, Doug Miro, Carlo Bernard Release Date: May 28, 2010 Domestic Distributor: Disney Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley Box Office Info: Budget: $200 million Financed by: Disney Domestic Gross: $90,759,676 Overseas Gross: $245,606,000 Producer Jerry Bruckheimer optioned the Prince of Persia theatrical rights to the […] More

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    4 Big Budget Flops That Killed The Cannon Group

    The Cannon Group thrived throughout much of the 1980s, churning out very low budget genre schlock and minting modest profits from their endless stream of ninja movies, Chuck Norris vehicles, vigilante films, and an assortment of other entertaining D grade trash. When Cannon heads Golan and Globus began to expand their low rent operation in […] More

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    Genre(s): Comedy Directed By: Bryan Spicer Written By: Jana Howington, Steve LuKanic Release Date: December 12, 1997 Domestic Distributor: Universal Cast: Tim Allen, Kirstie Alley, Wayne Knight Box Office Info: Budget: $35 million Financed by: Universal Domestic Gross: $31,642,995 Overseas Gross: $1,106,000 For Richer or Poorer was the final movie from The Bubble Factory at Universal and this […] More

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